...I cry with laughter hearing Tabria & Mindy’s stories about their life and dating. Their rawness is endearing and you’ll feel like you’re in their room laughing with them...
— by Ebony on March 13, 2017
Tabria & Mindy are the BFFs every girl needs in her corner. Unashamed, smart and addictingly goofy. They talk about sex, dating, pop culture and humans from the POV of deliciously thick women of color. I can’t get enough!
— by CmgZeitgeist on Feb 14, 2018
Oddly enough, my husband told me about this podcast and insisted I listen because he thought I would like it. It took me about a month or 2 before I actually listened and I’m glad I finally did. Now I can’t imagine my Tuesdays without them. Refreshingly genuine. Love you ladies! Keep it up!
— by Bkbred on Dec 11, 2017

The Thick Podcast

Ever wonder what happens when two equally energetic and zealous go-getters meet?  Well, you don’t have to think any longer because “The Thick” goes live every week to answer!

The Thick Podcast is hosted by Forever 21 model, Tabria Majors, and LA-based journalist, Amanda J. Louis AKA Mindy J.  The two best friends take on many subjects in their podcast while also updating on their personal and professional fronts.

The Love, Life and Lipo series presents an amusing chitchat between the two women and their dynamic ideas make it even more interesting. The best part of the talk show is no matter how different their lives are from each other, they still find some common ground and draw life experiences from each other.

Tabria is an accomplished fashion model, having been featured in the 2018 swimsuit edition of the Sports Illustrated. She uses this platform to share her experiences of surviving as a voluptuous girl in an industry that’s still reluctant to girls of different sizes on the ramp or magazine covers.  Whereas Mindy J. passionately debates on how difficult it is for a single woman to not only succeed in the male dominated world of journalism but also to find love or at least a decent date in the city of angels.

Being two strongly opinionated women, the two hosts discuss many other topics apart from their own lives. These subjects are as diverse as their personalities and range from their mutual love for fashion and beauty to current events and politics to dating and music.

Since both Majors and Louis have been friends for a long time and have so much going on in their lives, they have dedicated a segment for their life updates where they share all that happened with them during the week. The other five sections of the podcast include:

  1.  Music Submission Reviews:  This is an innovative addition to their podcast. The audience is encouraged to submit an original song which is played at the show’s opening and then reviewed by the girls themselves.
  2. Current Events: This is the favorite segment of Mindy J., an aspiring journalist, that highlights important weekly events in Pop culture as well as in News. Whether it was Rihanna’s mystery man in Spain to even the 2016 general elections, they have it all covered.
  3.  Topic of the Day: The two women also take up one topic and engage into live discussions. These topics can be anything from domestic violence to bullying to dating tips.
  4.  Listener Letters:  Questions submitted by listeners are answered by the two hosts directly during live sessions
  5. Tip of the Week: Known as the Love Life and 'Lipo' tip of the week, the hosts shed light on the different topics that came up during the podcast and express how they went through similar things personally.

The ‘love yourself first’ spirit of the hosts combined with their eagerness to making a name for themselves is the perfect ingredient for a podcast that not only entertains but also inspires many young girls. Tune into your iTunes or Soundcloud account every Tuesday to catch their all new episodes.